Bethlehem Shipyard Museum

Project Description

The Challenge:

Bethlehem Shipyard Museum - old siteThe president of the Bethlehem Shipyard Museum in San Francisco asked me to redesign their website. He requested a blog, a sales section for historic photos, and a visually attractive design. His visitors needed to be encouraged to donate, volunteer, and/or sign up for the museum newsletter.

Project Objective


  • Newsletter signup
  • Self Managed Blog
  • Donations button

Finished Project


  • Using WordPress, and the provided training, the museum staff are able to update the site themselves, adding informative content on a regular basis (a key factor in good SEO).
  • By adding a  Paypal Donations section, they are now able to accept donations quickly and effortlessly.
  • Created an e-commerce section so they could sell their historic photos, an email signup form, a volunteer form and a standard contact form.
  • Blog section featuring News and Events keeps their audience involved with the latest happenings at the museum.

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