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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to build a website?

The length of time it takes to build a custom website will depend on the complexity of the site and your requirements. A basic website with just a few pages can often be built in a couple of weeks, while a more complex site with numerous pages and features could take several weeks or even months to complete. It’s important to keep in mind that building a website is just one aspect of the web design process. We’ll also need to spend time researching, planning, and testing the site, as well as making any necessary revisions based on your feedback. All of these factors can impact the overall timeline for building a website.

Is it better to re-design a website or build a new one?

The decision depends on a number of factors, including the current state of the existing website, the goals and needs of your business or organization, the resources available, and the timeline for the project.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to redesign or build a new website:

Current state of the existing website: If the current website is outdated or not functioning properly, it may be more cost-effective to build a new website from scratch rather than trying to fix or update the existing one. On the other hand, if the existing website is relatively new and well-designed, it may be more efficient to redesign and update it rather than starting from scratch.

Goals and needs of your business or organization: For example, if your business is trying to reach a new audience or expand into new markets, a new website may be necessary to support these goals.

Resources available: The resources available for the project, including budget and time, will also influence the decision to redesign or build a new website. Building a new website from scratch can be more time-consuming and costly, so it may not be feasible if resources are limited.

Timeline for the project: The timeline for the project is also an important factor to consider. If your business or organization needs a new website quickly, it may be more practical to redesign the existing website rather than starting from scratch.

As always, working with a web design professional is recommended. We can help you to assess the current state of your existing website and determine the best course of action.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Yes! Website maintenance is important for a number of reasons:

Security: Regular website maintenance can help to ensure that your site is secure and free from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Regularly scanning the website can identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they cause any damage. This helps to protect both the website and its users from potential harm.

Backup and disaster recovery: Having a recent backup of your website is important in case something goes wrong. Disaster recovery planning helps ensure that you can quickly get your website back up and running in the event of a major problem. A backup helps to prevent data loss and ensures that you can restore your site if it’s ever hacked or corrupted.

Software updates: Plugins and themes help enhance the performance of your website. However, they must be kept up-to-date, like any software, to ensure ongoing compatibility with the latest technologies.

Performance: Monitoring your website’s performance helps to identify potential problems and take steps to keep your site running smoothly. Optimizing your website’s performance helps improve your site’s speed and responsiveness. It entails the tasks of improving web page loading times, optimizing image sizes, and minifying code.

SEO: Search engines like Google periodically inspect websites to index their content. If your website is not regularly maintained, your pages may not be indexed, which can negatively impact your search engine rankings.

Brand reputation: A poorly maintained website can give visitors the impression that your business is unreliable or unprofessional.

Customer satisfaction: Customers expect websites to be up-to-date and functioning properly. If your site is not properly maintained, you may lose customers due to a poor user experience.

By regularly maintaining your website, you can help ensure that it remains secure, performs well, and reflects positively on your brand.

We offer a variety of website maintenance plans to fit your business.

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What is a Security Certificate (SSL)? Do I need one?

An increase in cyber-threats has led to an increased emphasis on user security. Google now ranks websites according to their security rating.

Today, if you want your website to look legitimate and trustworthy you need to have an SSL certificate installed on your website. The cost is generally around $100 per year.

Here are the following reasons why every web owner should have a security certificte on their website:

Identity: An SSL certificate gives instant verification to your website. The SSL certificate does not allow any other website to make a fake version of yours. That enables the users to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit websites.

Performance: Modern SSL can improve the page load time making your website up to two times faster. As per Google, page speed is an essential factor in user experience, and it has a direct influence on the conversion rate.

Search engine ranking:  Google gives priority to those websites with security certificates and penalizes those that don’t.

If you use our hosting service, a Security Certificate is included at no extra charge.

What is SEO and why is it important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords or phrases. SEO is important because it can help improve the visibility and accessibility of your website, which can lead to increased traffic and business growth.

Some of the benefits of SEO include:

Increased traffic: A higher ranking in search results can lead to more traffic to your website, as more people will be able to discover your site through search engines.

Better user experience: A well-optimized website is more user-friendly and easier to navigate, which can lead to a better overall user experience.

Increased credibility: Ranking highly in search results can give your business a sense of credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

Cost-effectiveness: SEO can be a more cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website compared to paid advertising methods.

Overall, SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing and can help improve the online presence and success of your business.

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Do you offer a web hosting service?

Yes, we do! Choosing a website hosting service is important because it provides the infrastructure and resources needed to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently. Some of the benefits of our hosting service include:

Reliability: Our hosting service has a guaranteed 99.9% uptime rate, which means that your website will always be available to visitors. If not, then you will receive a refund, no questions asked.

Speed: Fast loading times for your website are essential for user experience and search engine rankings. With a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) your website won’t frustrate your users or get penalized by Google for poor performance.

Security: Multiple security measures are in place and monitored 24/7 to protect your website from cyber threats such as hacking and malware attacks.

Scalability: As your website grows and receives more traffic, you may need to upgrade your hosting plan. Our hosting service offers various plan options to accommodate your website’s growing needs.

Support: Technical support is just a phone call or email away to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

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What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network of servers that can deliver web content quickly to users based on their geographic location. Some benefits of using a CDN include:

Improved performance: By serving content from a location that is closer to the user, a CDN can reduce the time it takes to load a webpage or download content. This can improve the user experience, especially for users accessing your site from different locations around the world.

Increased availability: CDNs can help to reduce the load on your own servers, which can improve the availability of your site or application. If one of the servers in the CDN goes down, the network can automatically route traffic to another server, which can help to ensure that your website is always available to users.

Better security: CDNs can provide additional security for your site or application by filtering out malicious traffic and protecting against DDoS attacks.

Our web hosting service offers a 45 point CDN at no extra charge. 

Can you create a professional logo for our business?

Although a logo is only one of the elements of branding, it will most likely appear on the majority of touch-points with customers and other stakeholders, such as the website, brochures, stationery, product, packaging, ads, uniforms, stores, and so on.

A logo can therefore be considered as one of the main graphic elements that allow people to quickly identify an organization, its products, and services. And quite often, it will be the first thing people will use to identify you.

People expect a brand to have a professional look, starting with its logo. A logo that is unique, innovative, and that reflects your brand’s identity will stand out, helping you to look more reliable and trustworthy.

In today’s world, businesses and organizations exist on various platforms, including websites, blogs, social media, events, leaflets, brochures, business cards, etc. Having a multipurpose logo will allow you to appropriately represent your brand in a consistent way across all different communication channels.

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