Web Design // Hosting // Maintenance

Web Design // Hosting // Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Keep your site secure, fresh, and up to date

An essential tool for as little as $30 per month

How many online business owners regularly check under the hood to make sure their websites are running smoothly? About once a month, you should have your web mechanic “pop the hood” to perform a comprehensive checkup. Correct problems before your visitors see them!

Website Maintenance includes:

  • Updating and testing all software and plugins
  • Checking for broken links
  • Adding new text and images
  • Uploading videos and podcasts
  • Clearing spam comments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of website maintenance?
  • Better SEO – Search Engines like Google love fresh content. It proves that you are engaged with your audience and a higher quality website than those who don’t update.
  • Better Security – Millions of websites are hacked every day. The financial burden to site owners is considerable. Keeping your site safe from hackers is one of the best reasons for website maintenance.
  • Better use of your most precious resource: Time –  Save time and concentrate on what you do best.