Web Design // Hosting // Maintenance

Web Design // Hosting // Maintenance

Custom WordPress Design

From a simple brochure website to an advanced e-Commerce solution.

Benefits of a WordPress website:

  • Easy website maintenance
  • No HTML programming necessary
  • Simple to learn - training videos available
  • Edit text and add images
  • Complex tasks become simple, such as adding items to navigation, new pages, etc.
  • Supported by thousands of developers worldwide

WordPress is the most popular platform on the Web by far. Over 25 million sites are powered by WordPress. Why is that? Ease of use, unlimited customization, and flexibility in maintenance, to name just a few reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the big deal about WordPress anyway?

With over 25 million users, that’s a good question! The best part of WordPress is that it is “Open Source.” That means no one owns it. It is supported by thousands of independent developers around the world. Developers who are passionate and committed to improving the world’s most popular website platform. It can’t be bought or sold!

Is it difficult to learn WordPress?

WordPress is not difficult to learn with the proper training. Fortunately, all of my websites have FREE training videos built in to the WordPress dashboard. These short, informative videos are professionally produced and updated whenever WordPress releases a new version.